Not in the frantic shapes of new fashions,
not in shapes borrowed from others -
perfection is simply being natural,
perfection is the breath of the earth.

Y.A. Yevtushenko

Interior door POKROVA

"Pokrovskie dveri" company is known in the Russian market since 1997. For this time there is passed a long way from small manufacture up to the large enterprise on manufacturing interior doors. The company continues to develop dynamically.

One of priority development directions is assimilation and introduction of new technologies in manufacture. Use of the modern European equipment and qualitative environmentally friendly materials allows to make production, which holds the fort of western samples. High quality of products is confirmed by certificates.

"Pokrovskie dveri" are created with respect to fashionable tendencies of the European industry, but is constant in truly Russian traditions. The company gives a wide choice of interior doors: from inexpensive up to elite, from classics up to a modernist style, various colors and surface finish. Everyone can choose the product that suites himself: at the price and to design.

"Pokrovskie dveri" will become a stylish part of any interior.

“Pokrovskie dveri” trademark is known not only in Russia, but also in near- and far-abroad countries. Constant expansion of selling geography allows us to offer production of the enterprise to clients who live in different cities and countries, but equally wish to make their house or office comfortable and beautiful.

“Pokrovskie dveri” is a harmony of European quality and Russian style.